21 uses for Coconut Oil

21 Uses for Coconut Oil

There are so many amazing uses for coconut oil that it’s not just an oil used in your kitchen. I use coconut oil daily, it’s really a product that I cannot live without. It’s really amazing all the uses this simple oil can be used for. I use it literally everywhere from the top of my head to the tip of my toes and everywhere in between. As well as in all my cooking and baking. These are 21 uses that I personally do and use over and over again. It is definitely a beauty holy grail product as I use it in so many of my beauty routines. Here they are:

  1. A Deep Conditioning Hair Mask: apply coconut oil throughout your entire hair before bed, leave in overnight and wash hair in the morning. This will leave your hair feeling healthier and moisturized.
  2. Body Scrub: I like to make my own in-shower body scrubs. Mix organic sugar, coconut oil, essential oil, almond oil and vanilla extract together to create a moisturizing body scrub that you can use all over your body.
  3. Lip Exfoliator: use a small amount of sugar and coconut oil as a lip scrub. Gently scrub your lips in circular motions to exfoliate the dead skin off your lips, this will leave them soft and moisturized.
  4. After shower Moisturizer: If my skin is feeling extra dry, I will apply coconut oil over my entire body to get rid of dry skin.
  5. Soothes Sunburns: Apply coconut oil to your sunburn to help sooth and speed up the burn healing process.
  6. Deep Hand Moisturizer: In the winter time especially, I get super dry cracked hands. I apply coconut oil all over my hands before bed to help moisturize and relieve the cracked hands.
  7. Dandruff Fighter: Massage coconut oil into roots of your hair. Allow coconut oil to sit for about 10 minutes then wash hair as normal.
  8. Make-up Remover: I like to use coconut oil to remove my mascara at the end of the day. Take a small amount of oil on your fingers and gently rub on your eyelashes. This will remove any mascara that is on your eyelashes, as well as moisturize them.
  9. Dry Skin: Sometimes I will get dry skin patches on my face or body. Whenever I notice them, I rub coconut oil onto my skin where the dry patch is to help get rid of them.
  10. Cooking Oil: Coconut oil is the only oil that we use when cooking. It prevents food from sticking and can handle high heat which is great when sauteing or lightly frying foods.
  11. Cuticle Oil: Instead of buying expensive cuticle oils that don’t always work, rub coconut oil into your cuticle and nails to help moisturize them.
  12. Chafing: Thank goodness this one isn’t for me personally… but for my boys. Sometimes if they are sweaty and from running around they will get chafing, rub coconut oil on the bothered area which will relieve the itch or burn.
  13. Chapped Nostrils: Winter time here can be cold and dry which can lead to dry cracked nostrils especially after a few colds and blowing noses. Rubbing coconut oil onto the chapped areas can relieve the soreness.
  14. Baking: In all my baking, I use only coconut oil. I find it really makes a difference, making my baking moist and delicious.
  15. Lubricant: Stop buying that expensive crap.
  16. Athlete’s Foot: From sweating in your shoes can cause athlete’s foot on your toes. Rub coconut oil daily on the effected toes and this will help to get rid of it.
  17. Cast Iron Seasoning: Season your cast iron pans with coconut oil when needed.
  18. Dry Hair Moisture: Sometimes the ends of my hair can feel so dry and brittle, I like to add a small amount of coconut oil just to the end of my hair when it’s dry to help give extra moisture.
  19. Massage Oil: Coconut oil is the perfect oil to use as a massage oil. It sinks into the skin leaving it nice and soft.
  20. Suntan Oil: If you are looking to get some extra sun, use coconut oil as a suntan oil.
  21. Healing Scabs: Whenever my boys have a scrape or scab, I apply coconut oil to it which helps in the healing process.

What are some of your uses for coconut oil that you can’t live without?

XO Charis





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  1. Don’t have the time to paint your nails?! When I do take the time.. I do them in sections. First I do the base coat and one layer of polish. Let dry and continue on with my day. Then the next day when I can find time again, I do another layer of polish and the top coat. By breaking it up, I find that it’s less of a chance for me to mess them up! The best time of day, for me, is when I’m checking E-mails… talk about multi-tasking!!! I know I find it hard to sit and wait for the polish to dry when there are many other things that need to be done!
  2. Is your hair getting dry from this winter weather? I know the ends of my hair are screaming for moisture right now. Sadly I use heat on it at least 5 days a week.. which results in very dry ends! At least once a month (preferably once a week) I will soak the bottom half of my hair in Coconut Oil, leaving on overnight. Coconut Oil acts as a nourishing hair mask, putting moisture back into your dry hair.
  3. Lips dry and flaky from the cold air and being indoors? Use a lip scrub! You can make a simple scrub by mixing equal parts coconut oil and raw sugar together. Taking a small amount of the scrub, gently rub in small circles, exfoliating your lips. This scrub will remove dead skin leaving your lips soft and supple.
  4. As soon as you wake up in the morning, drink a glass of lemon water! This will rehydrate you after your nights sleep. Put either cold or warm water in a cup and squeeze half a lemon into the water. It’s such a refreshing way to start the day!
  5. Hair feeling like it needs a cleanse from too much build-up? Apple Cider Vinegar is amazing at giving your scalp a cleanse and getting rid of product build-up. Pour 1 cup of Apple Cider  Vinegar into a container before you get into the shower. Shampoo you hair, then rinse with vinegar focusing on getting the vinegar on your scalp. Be careful to avoid getting it into your eyes, as it will sting! (Also add some warm water to the vinegar before you begin to pour onto your head). Allow the vinegar to sit on your hair for 3-5 minutes, then rinse and follow with conditioner. It is such a nice hair cleanse, I do this every 2 weeks or whenever I am feeling like I need a good clean of my scalp.

Hope you enjoyed these simple, but effective beauty tricks.

What are some of your favourite tricks and tips that you do over and over again?

Xo Charis