Chau Veggie Express

Chau Veggie Express – Vancouver Eating

Chau Veggie Express

I always find it hard to find delicious, healthy, vegan/vegetarian restaurants while traveling. Because I cook mostly at home and rarely eat out, I am fairly picky when it comes to where I eat. When I’m away from home it sometimes gets difficult finding restaurants that serve the types of foods I like to eat and somewhere I want to return back to. I found Chau Veggie Express when watching one of Lauren Toyota’s ‘what I ate in a day’ – Vancouver edition YouTube videos about what she ate while visiting Vancouver. This past weekend we were visiting friends in Vancouver, and  I knew I had to try this place out!

I’ve been to Vancouver many times and I am slowly getting to know the city and all the different areas around the city. The restaurant is located on a busy road with many other restaurants.

Inside it is tastefully decorated, simple and very clean. All of the staff was SUPER friendly, explaining how everything worked- find a seat, order food at the front, grab your cutlery and self-serve water, then food will be brought out to you when it’s ready. We chose to sit up at the bar with the view of watching the bartender make drinks and the pastry chef skillfully ice a cake.

Chau Veggie Express

The menu is simple and easy to read with clear and precise pictures of what the dish looks like. Everything sounded amazing as I read over the menu, but I decided on the Tropical Rainstorm Bowl which comes with a creamy toasted coconut sauce (YUM!!!!). We also ordered two orders of the Non La Rolls (vegan spring rolls). My hubby and our friend both ordered the Golden Temple Soup, a curry soup with your choice of quinoa, rice blend or noodles.

After a very small wait, our food arrived and we were  soooooo excited to dig in.

Chau Veggie Express

Heaven in a bowl. That’s what it should be called… or described as. Unless you don’t like coconut…. which I don’t understand..

Anyways.. it was the perfect bowl. You pour the vegan fish sauce over the ingredients and I gently mixed everything together. Every bite, you get different texturse mixed with delicious flavour. Crunch from the peanuts and fried shallots, creamy-ness from the coconut sauce wrapped around the thick rice noodles, freshness from the cucumber and fresh mint.. I’m literally salivating as I’m writing this.

Chau Veggie Express

(Sorry for the horrible picture quality! Doesn’t do this bowl any justice to how delicious it really was!!)

This is the curry bowl that my hubby got, which I got a taste test, it was equally as delicious with rich creamy flavours. The coconut curry broth was divine and the choice of noodles went really well with the dish.

Chau Veggie Express

The non la rolls arrived immediately after. This is a double order, with vegan fish sauce to dip. The crispy rolls are definitely a crowd pleaser, crunchy chewy and the perfect bite size pieces. I really loved the unique fillings, rather than the same old spring rolls you might order from any thai or vietnamese restaurant.

Chau Veggie Express

We just had to try dessert!! After watching the pastry chef ice a gorgeous cake, we decided to all share this dessert. Our dessert was a chocolate bundt cake with salted caramel drizzle and a banana homemade ice cream. HEAVEN. It was the perfect way to end the perfect meal. And with 3 of us sharing it, it was definitely enough. The chocolate cake was this perfectly moist slice, not overly sweet. The salted caramel added another flavour, then the banana ice cream.. yet another layer of flavour. Every bite was heaven.

Basically I will be planning a trip back to Vancouver ASAP just to eat at Chau Veggie Express.

XO Charis



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