Flatbread Pizza

Flatbread Pizzas

I like simple easy recipes. Especially healthy, simple, easy recipes. If there’s a recipe with too many ingredients, a long list of steps and time-consuming prep, chances are I just don’t try it. This goes hand in hand with kids. Having to come up with what to make for dinner 7 nights a week is not an easy task. And when it’s always homemade and as healthy and nutritious as possible, it’s even harder.Read More »

Flax Egg

What are Flax Eggs?


Flax eggs are an egg replacement. They can be used when a recipe calls for eggs, and instead you can use a flax-seed and water mixture. When ground flax seeds and warm water is mixed together, then set aside for a few minutes, they form a gel mixture called a flax ‘egg’.Read More »